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Vaccination plan

From the puppy stage to the geriatric period. As in humans, it is essential to follow a vaccination plan so that our pet is perfectly protected against the most serious diseases throughout its life.

Pet Passport and travel certificates

We are updated in all the necessary regulations to guarantee the correct movement of pets abroad.

Ultrasound service

Pregnancy imaging, assessment of the physiological size of the different abdominal organs as well as cardiac function and heart function.

Carrying out X-rays

Through a non-invasive procedure, we generate images of the areas of your pet that need to be studied using X-ray technology.

Performing analytics

We have blood autoanalyzers and rapid diagnostic kits with results in a few minutes.

General Surgery

We have the most modern technology and all the necessary experience for taking care of your pets in our operation room.

Dental cleaning

With a non-invasive technique, we help pets improve their oral and dental health by avoiding infections and digestive problems derived from poor oral hygiene.


We take care of all your pet injuries, improving their health and life conditions.

Sale of leading brand food products

We advise you on feeding your pet. We have a selection of leading brand food products for dogs and cats.


The best place in Jávea to take care of your pets, with 17 years of experience and the best professionals at the service of the animals.

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All our patients who are going to undergo a surgical act undergo a previous examination to assess the ideal procedure and the anesthesia indicated for each case.

If necessary, a pre-anesthetic analytical profile will be performed. During the surgical act, the patient is monitored at all times under the supervision of the anesthetist, as well as at the time of recovery after surgery.

Below we briefly expose some of the most common surgeries in our clinic, as well as the post-operative care that must be performed by the owner.



Male castration

After the examination of the animal, which must be older than 6 months, the technique consists in the removal of the testicles with a ventral abdominal incision in order not to affect the scrotal tissue and reduce inflammation. If the testicle is at the inguinal or intra abdominal level, the approach and the surgical technique vary.

We always use the latest generation absorbable sutures that ensure safe surgery and optimal recovery.

Post-operative care is rest and antibiotic therapy.

It should be noted that the male’s blood Testosterone level will be present for several weeks after surgery, progressively decreasing.

Female ovariohysterectomy

It is the technique of choice for castration of females.

We make an abdominal incision along the linea alba and remove both ovaries and the uterus at the level of the neck.

It is better to completely remove the female genital tract to avoid further problems. For the ligation of the ovaries and uterus we use top quality sutures.

Post-operative care is rest for the first two days and antibiotic therapy.

Dental cleaning

To carry out a dental cleaning we carry out a previous oral study.

We will administer antibiotic treatment prior to cleaning if necessary and we establish preventive measures after cleaning to improve the oral health of our pets.

Soft tissue surgery

Our team performs all types of digestive surgery (gastrotomy, enterectomy, enterotomy, eplenectomy) and urinary surgery (cystotomy, urethrostomy).

Tumor surgery

We surgically address all types of skin tumors (mastocytomas, papillomas), lipomas, epulis, breast carcinomas, hemangiosarcomas.

Hernias surgery

We are pioneers in the repair of perineal and inguinal hernias with polypropylene mesh using the cone technique, with very satisfactory results in bilateral perineal hernias that are difficult to solve until the application of this technique.


We carry out all kinds of surgical interventions in this field, always using top-quality materials, as well as the least traumatic techniques and the fastest in the recovery of the patient.

Surgery for anterior cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation, femoral head arthroplasty, anterior and posterior limb fractures, mandible fractures.


Our team performs eyelid surgery (entropion and ectropion), tarsorrhaphy as well as surgery for the dislocation of the third eyelid gland and eversion of the cartilage of the nictitating membrane.

Surgery of the atrial pavilion

We perform otohematomas and external auditory canal surgery (Zepp technique and ablation of the external auditory canal)


Male castration

The difference with respect to dogs is the approach. In this case, due to the location of the testicles, we made a scrotal incision for the testicular approach.

OHT Female cat

In the case of females, the technique is the same as in bitches, an incision in the linea alba to remove ovaries and uterus.